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Barça's first female member

Barça, as he explained on March 8, 2019, has 37,863 women members, 26.6% of the social mass of the Club. The percentage has grown in recent years, but not the absolute number, as we can see through this report published in La Vanguardia on February 27, 2011. Here we will find out who was the first. Edelmira Calvetó: Barça's first member.

In 1963, Rita Pavone popularized La partida di pallone, where she launched a women's complaint about those Sundays monopolized by football. In Spain, it was Gelu from Granada who sang the Spanish version, with a chorus that also made a fortune: "Why, why, on Sundays for football you leave me…"

Presumably, neither Pavone nor Gelu were fans of Barça, a special club in so many things and also, in a prominent way, in the integration of women in their social mass.

Edelmira Calvetó

Currently, with 42,000 members (24% of the total), Barça can boast of a family stand that is not easy to see in other similar areas. Only with its members Barça would already have more cardholders than most Primera clubs.

But everything has an origin and, in this case, name and surnames. Edelmira Calvetó Alzamora was, in 1913, the first member of Barça. He had to fight to get it, because since the founding statutes the Gamper club was reserved for men. Already in the official wording of 1902 it was stated that "Spanish or foreign men… who have reached the age of sixteen" could be permanent members. However, in the statutory update of 1911, the text was left as follows: "persons over the age of 14 will be permanent members." Apparently, the door was open to women, but it was a mistake because shortly after the Barça club went to the civilian governor to correct "some copy errors" in the statutes and specifically to point out that "where people said must say men."

She had to overcome difficulties and, in 1913, Edelmira Calvetó became Barça's first member

In an interview with Edelmira Calvetó, rescued thanks to the effective work of Manel Tomàs from the club's Documentation Center, the interested party herself, close to 80 years old, recalled those times: my husband and a friend of his. They were partners and I wanted to be one too. ” But he ran into the statutes, and had to make friends (Barça footballer Francisco Armet in particular) to achieve his purpose. In 1913 she became the first member and received the number 74.

Despite the difficulties, Barça paved the way and did so in a difficult context, when women did not even have the right to vote in Spain, where universal suffrage was not approved until 1931. Real Madrid issued its first membership card in 1926 and Barça already had 194 members in 1939, according to the book Locas por el fútbol by Eva Orúe and Sara Gutiérrez.

Ana María Martínez Sagi was Barça's first member of the directors in 1934

Barcelona had women's sections, first in tennis, and then in athletics. Later, in 1934, Ana María Martínez Sagi joined the board of Barça president Esteve Sala and became the first woman manager of a football club in Europe. There is ample evidence of his film life in the newspaper archives of this newspaper (La Vanguardia of January 23, 2000).

Edelmira Calvetó remembered in her old age those games of the early twentieth century. "Sometimes I was the only spectator. Others saw some more, but it was a rare case. " And he proposed a theory for the football of Kubala's time, but that perhaps more than one would approve today: “I am indignant when I hear that they stumble and kick them. I always said that Barcelona would have to have two teams, one to play football and another dirty and abrupt to compete with these teams that are going to look for the man and not the ball ".

In 1921, when Edelmira was already a veteran member, the club's statutes were adapted to reality and they only spoke of members, in a generic way.

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