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Cadiz: The first visit ended in disaster

In the 24th day of the 2020-2021 League, Cádiz visits the Camp Nou for the thirteenth time. He has never won and can only prove a draw, which took place in his first match at Barça, on 19 February 1978, more than forty years ago. It was Cruyff’s last season and the one-goal draw had a few anecdotes worth remembering.

It was the 22nd day (out of 34) and Madrid occupied the first position with 31 points, followed by Barça with 27. Madrid had just fallen to San Mamés, without Barça taking the opportunity. The new day, the 22nd, was a good opportunity for Barça to close the gap because Madrid were once again playing away, at Burgos, where it was traditionally very difficult to play football on historically muddy ground. And Madrid lost (3-2), against a team led by Lucien Muller and who opened the scoring in the 16th minute with a goal from Isidre Tarrés. Both Muller and Tarrés would move to Barça the following season, signed by the new president, Josep Lluís Núñez.

But back to visiting Cadiz. While on the simultaneous scoreboard (box Electrodomésticos Foix) were falling goals from Burgos (winning 3-1 in the 80th minute), Cadiz had advanced with a goal from Paraguayan Celso Ortigosa. And the public at the Camp Nou (about 75,000 spectators according to the press) was fed up. And only two curious details were missing.

Olmo celebrates Barça's goal (MD 20.02.1978)

First, the expulsion of Carles Rexach, in the 68th minute. The boy from Pedralbes suffered the second expulsion of his career that day. He stepped on a rival who had entered him illegally. "Yes, I stepped on him, but he didn't want to. Two of them had come in and I was staggering when I tripped over a rival on the ground and instinctively stepped on him," Charly will explain.

Rexach, expelled and Cruyff, whistled and almost assaulted

That day Barcelona, ​​with Rinus Michels on the bench, presented this team: Artola, Ramos, Migueli, De la Cruz; Olmo, Costas; Rexach, Asensi, Cruyff, Sanchez and Fortes. Amarillo and Zuviría also played. The team saved a point with a goal from Olmo in the 85th minute, but there was still another controversy. When the game was lost and playing with one less, Cruyff made a decision much protested by the public: he backed down, in a position formerly called midfield, and sent Migueli and Olmo to attack, to look for a rescue chief shot while he was conducting operations. He was whistled bravely and even more: at the end of the match he had to be escorted by the police because some crazy people wanted to attack him!

That Barça, which was with an incumbent president, Raimon Carrasco, while the elections of May 6, 1978 were being prepared, which Núñez would win, was three points behind Madrid with twelve days ahead. But of the six games on the opposite field, he did not win a single one and finished the league six points behind Madrid, the champions.

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